Winter Blues? Not at Tregongeeves

We’re now 3 weeks into January and 2015 seems a distant memory.

The New Year is already proving to be an exciting one on the farm, however we can’t help but notice it appears to be considerably colder! On numerous occasions we’ve woken up to a thick fog across the valley, and although it’s rather chilly outside, the view across the fields is so worth donning the woollies for; it’s simply magical!

We’ve nearly made it through January so I can imagine that some of you are ready for a relaxing getaway. Are we right? A short break in February is the perfect way to revamp after a busy Christmas and a hectic first month back at work. If you’re having doubts because of the colder weather, then fear no more! Here are our top tips on how to beat the weather and experience a truly wonderful winter getaway.

1. Technology free

A short break is the perfect opportunity to get away from the world. As you know it’s only for a couple of days, so you need to make the most of it! We’re constantly surrounded by technology these days, and although it may be wonderful, it quite often stops us from having any down time. So whilst at Tregongeeves, log off of social media, sign out of your email accounts and give the TV a miss – we promise there’s plenty to do, just check out our recreation room if you’re stuck

2. Wrap up

It might be a bit colder than we appreciate at the moment, but this is England after all! There are so many amazing locations to explore in Cornwall and if you’re intrigued by rural, unspoilt Cornwall in all its glory then a winter break is a MUST! Grab your coat and a woolly scarf, don your best wellies and get out there, there’s plenty to explore, and all in close proximity to our farm.

3. Anybody for tea?

Some days you may not feel like getting out of bed, let alone leaving the house and whilst you’re on holiday that’s absolutely fine! However we’d really recommend popping out for tea if you’re not feeling active. Cornwall is known for it’s foodie venues and believe me, when it comes to cream teas or afternoon nibbles, well, we won’t be beaten. We highly recommend Charlie’s Coffee House in Charlestown; their homemade cakes are something else!

4.Relive those childhood memories.

Cornwall’s a little bit special to a lot of people, purely because of the memories they made when they were younger. Luckily for us, our county remains unspoiled meaning the opportunities to re-live those fond memories are countless. Why not head down to the cave where you used to hide from siblings, or take your family to the woods for a game of hide and seek. We’ve all got our own precious memories and it’s a great experience to share them with your loved ones and pass on the Cornish holiday legacy.

5. Treat yourself

You’re on holiday, so act like it! Take a moment to simply enjoy doing absolutely nothing. Everything is catered for at Tregongeeves, so you’re free to enjoy your holiday as you wish: gaze out over the paddocks, spend hours reading in front of the fire or stay in the bubbling spa bath until your fingers go wrinkly – it’s your holiday, spend some time on you!

Photo Credit: Ashley Lewis/Visit Cornwall