Welcome two little piglets

Ronnie and Ruby, the pigs have arrived and  are causing all sorts of fun and games.  The two girls have been rehomed and are interesting little ladies.  Ronnie has already developed a ‘relationship’ with Judith – in that she wants to be where ever she is.  This has resulted in many successful escape missions.  So far Ronnie has been found in the garden, down the road, in with the chickens, frockling in with the horses and generally having a really good time.  Now I am not sure Judith would agree this is a good time.  As along with each successful escape mission comes a rescue mission, which never seems to go very smoothly as they are quick little things!  Needless to say John has been enlisted to pig proof their paddock and so far so good, Ronnie has not worked out a new route…I give it a few days!  I did venture up to the girls this week in the hope of snapping them in their new home, however by the time I got up there the rain had turned to hail and was pounding me sideways so I retreated back down to the comfort of the Aga soaked and pictureless.

Despite the weather ‘Cornwall is Open for Business’ – that is the message from VisitCornwall and one we fully endorse.  In fact Cornwall is a striking place right now.  You can’t help but be in ore of the power of mother nature right now and the dramatic way it is changing the Cornish coastline.  And despite the weather there are some amazing places to watch the storms from such as Lewinnick Lodge on the North Coast or on the top of Watergate Bay.  The waves are amazing, but must be viewed safely.

When it is not wet and windy there are signs that Spring is well and truly on it’s way.  Yesterday was beautiful and the warmth of the sun was a delight on the skin.  The nights are also noticeably drawing out down here – 5.40 it got dark yesterday and the bulbs are really coming to life too now.  Daffodils are out everywhere so why not come down and enjoy the early Spring in Cornwall.