We are going on a chick hunt…

There is a book that is loved in our house called ‘We are going on a Bear Hunt’.  Well tomorrow Grannie, with two granddaughters in tow is ‘going on a chick hunt’.  As you do!  Apparently there are some rare chickens available in near Falmouth that lay brown and green eggs (I am certain Judith will give you a much more accurate account of names and breeds than I can).  All I know is we are soon to be mothering 10 chicks under a lamp for a while whilst they grow strong enough to go outside.  Eggs have been a bit thin on the ground of late so hopefully over time this new members of the coup will get producing for us.

The rest of the animals are doing well.  The sheep very much enjoyed seeing their friends Pippa and Sam who are returning young guests, and enjoyed the attention they got from everyone during half term.  Alice also enjoyed having her hair trimmed by guests recently whilst the pigs enjoyed the extra food they got.

Over half term our younger visitors had fun not only feeding the animals each morning but also partaking in a bit of ‘Tin Can Cooking’.  The feast was made even better by homemade shortbread.  We also had lots of fun creating crafts to decorate the Recreation Room windows.  We hope over the year our younger guests will help us make lots of lovely hand prints.

Today a very rare event occurred; my two girls fell asleep at the same time in the same place – the back of the car.  I can count the times this has happened over the last 10 months on one hand!  So what do you do in Cornwall when you have sleeping children in the car – you take in the view and the gloriously amazing spring sun.  I head to Caerhays Beach

when you can park and see the sea.  It is a must just for the view but it is a fantastic family beach too with a castle behind you it is a truely magical place to inspire young minds.

Coronavirus Update – 24th March

We wanted to give you a quick update if you’ve booked with us or are wanting to in the coming months.

At the moment we are closed until the end of April and will continue to monitor the situations.  This is to ensure we can do our bit in helping to stop the spread of the virus – now is a time to stay at home and spend time with family there.  If you have a holiday booked with us or have any questions then please do give us a call or send us an email to mail@tregongeeves.co.uk

 Whilst now isn’t the time for you to come to Cornwall, it’ll still be here when we get through this – we’ll see you again.

Take care and stay healthy

Judith and Family.