Tregongeeves expands…by ten!

Goodness me, the animals are keeping me busy! I am pleased to let you know the blue eggs hatched- all ten of them! The chicks are such a beautiful colour, if you are visiting they are up in the paddock near the tennis court. They are ever so hard to take pictures of as they keep moving – so let me know if you manage to get a good picture. Mother hen is doing a good job so far, looking after the tiny chicks.

Tom (pictured), my horse is stable bound for the next week or so. He has an infection in his hoof, poor boy, so has to rest and keep off it as much as possible – easier said than done with a horse!

I didn’t make it to Heligan at the weekend, but Heidi & Richard went. They have posted some beautiful pictures on our Facebook page. By the looks of it they picked just the right time to go with the bigger plants in full bloom, producing wonderful carpets of colour. If you visit Heligan you get a voucher to get 25% off Eden entry so it is worth doing both of them.

I had a wonderful day on Saturday out in the garden here at Tregongeeves, trying to get back on top of all the weeding. I managed to plant a few new bits and made a start on the pots around the cottages – it was lovely to be out and about.

This Sunday is the Caerhays Castle fun day, raising money for the local hospice. Caerhays is a stunning house, in an equally stunning location, with a lovely beach, I would highly recommend a visit if you are around.