Time for Ice Cream

Nothing makes us think of summer more quickly than the thought of an ice cream! There are so many local producers in Cornwall who make some incredible artisan ice creams, we really are spoilt for choice. But these aren’t always an option at home – especially if you are a drive away from your favourite place.

We’ve tried many different ways to make our own ice cream. We’ve faffed about with an ice cream maker, which saved no time at all but gave us a lot of fiddly gadgets to wash. And we’ve stirred and cooled custard, frozen and stirred… and frozen again.

It’s all quite a bit of effort really!

Ice cream made easy

But then we found this recipe. Only three ingredients and super easy to whip up for a spontaneous after school treat. Or great to enjoy with Sunday dinner to save you popping to the shops. And if you’re looking to reduce plastic waste at home, anything home made will help you do this.

This ice cream is perfectly delicious on its own, fantastic with the first ruby red strawberries of the year. Or try it with some Boddington’s strawberry jam simmered gently with a squeeze of lemon – a perfect summery sauce.

And of course you can jazz it up any other way you like. Swirl through some crushed fruit or puree – or chocolate sauce for a really decadent treat. But our absolute favourite has to be a large spoonful of sharp lemon curd stirred through just before you put it in to freeze.

This is a rather rich recipe – so definitely a treat. We think you will love this ice cream – so do let us know how you get on.

Super-quick ice cream

Half a 397g can of condensed milk
600ml pot of double cream (or use whipping cream for a slightly lighter flavour)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Find a large mixing bowl. Add the condensed milk, cream and vanilla together and stir with a sturdy wooden spoon to loosely combine.

Beat with an electric whisk until thick and quite stiff, a bit like clotted cream.

Scrape into a freezer container or a large loaf tin, cover with cling film and freeze until solid.

Note: if you use a stand mixer on a low setting this will take a little time to mix but the volume will increase and you will have a slightly looser texture.