The joys of sea mist

Now I am not going to lie to you.  Despite our sun burn from yesterday contradicting me, the sun does not always shine in Cornwall.  Today we have had the dreaded sea mist in for the best part of the day.  It started glorious, in fact I shocked the world with my lily white legs and put poor Jessica in a summer dress.  By the time we had done our four mile stroll the sea mist had come in from the coast and it is now flipping freezing.  The strange thing about sea mist is you can be in one place and it is dull and horrid, yet a mile away it is glorious and bright.  Luckily the week ahead looks much more promising.

My walk got me thinking about the glorious walks around here, we really are so lucky.  In fact from the cottages you can enjoy a splendid walk ‘around the block via the pub’ if you fancy a car free day.  Simply turn right out of the cottages, walk down Tregongeeves hill and into the village.  At the t-junction turn left, go past the coal shop (here if you turn right you will get to Polgooth Stores who sell all the usual plus pasties and lovely ham) just a bit further past the coal shop you will find the pub – The Polgooth Inn.  After relaxing in the beer garden come out the car park and turn left, you retrace you steps for a little bit but instead of turning right back up Tregongeeves hill, continue up the village.  At the next lane turn right go between the houses and eventually you will come to a path, carry on the path, as you get into the fields you will be able to look across the valley to Tregongeeves, when you get to the main road turn right and walk along our boundary until you get back to Tregongeeves Lane.  (Judith will be happy to point you in the right direction.)

From the cottages you can also walk into St Austell.  We can recommend doing the St Austell Treasure Trail  (or any of the Treasure Trails – they are brilliant fun).  You get to learn so much about the place.  It is a great family activity that does not cost very much but gets you exploring a new location.  We have Treasure Trails for sale at Little Winnick  for £4.50- if you would like one ask Judith and she will pick you one up or we can put one in your cottage for your arrival.

Coronavirus Update – 24th March

We wanted to give you a quick update if you’ve booked with us or are wanting to in the coming months.

At the moment we are closed until the end of April and will continue to monitor the situations.  This is to ensure we can do our bit in helping to stop the spread of the virus – now is a time to stay at home and spend time with family there.  If you have a holiday booked with us or have any questions then please do give us a call or send us an email to

 Whilst now isn’t the time for you to come to Cornwall, it’ll still be here when we get through this – we’ll see you again.

Take care and stay healthy

Judith and Family.