The craft of the blacksmith

I am not going to lie to you, the weather has taken a little bit of an autumn turn over the last few days.  I have given up predicting whether it will get warm again, but I can confirm the leaves are taking on the most beautiful colours already.  Autumn is such a wonderful season, bringing with it stunning colours and a quieter Cornwall.

With the schools back this week, Cornwall seems to step down a gear, meaning it is a wonderful time to visit.  We still have some availability throughout the Autumn months so why not pop down and have a rest? I think Judith would agree that a walk along a windy beach, followed by a lovely meal in the village pub really is a good way to send the afternoon.  You can now borrow our dogs; Jack and/or Ginnie if you would like to have a hound as company – just after Judith when you arrive.

At this time of year my mind starts planning good hearty feast ad food is one of my favourite subjects!  It is food festival season in Cornwall over the coming months, with the finale being the Cornwall Food and Drink Festival starting on Friday 23rd September.  Also coming up is the Newquay Fish Festival, St Mawes Fish Festival, Boscastle Food and Arts Festival and the Falmouth Oyster Festival, all worth a visit.

I am pleased to report that Tom is back in full health, Judith was meant to go out riding with Alison this evening but got side tracked helping us move yet more boxes (obviously we are very grateful she got side tracked!).  This week the blacksmith visited the stables, a real craftsman.  Opposite is the picture we managed to snap with Judith and some guests.

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