Stormy but safe

Happy New Year from all at Tregongeeves Farm Cottages.  We had a lovely Christmas;  Judith and John spent New Year in London taking in the fireworks and enjoying some good food.    John has now headed off for his annual ski trip whilst Judith holds the fought at Tregongeeves (skiing is not her favourite past time!).  The cottages are shut until the February Half Term which means we are in full spring cleaning mode.  The Christmas decorations are stashed away for another year and the paint brushes are out.

The South West has featured heavily in the news over recent days after baring the brunt of some fairly unforgiving storms.  It has been a wet and windy few days; this morning we were awoken at 5am by a fierce thunder storm, which was directly over head – the lightning show was pretty spectacular.  Opposite is the view from Heidi and Richard’s road on Friday when the hail came down so hard it was like a flowing river down the road.

As for Tregongeeves we are fairing okay.  The animals have been kept in on the worst of the days and the chickens have finally started laying again – only one a day mind you!  Even Ginny the dog is not that keen to go outside at the moment.  Over than a lot of mud we have thankfully come off rather well considering the terrible weather.

Locally there are reports of isolated flooding – I am sure you will have seen that Looe was flooded on the National News and in Newquay the loss of so much sand has revealed a shipwreck no one knew existed.  Other than that the area was well prepared and we are coping pretty well.  The sun today was a welcome relief to a tough few days.

One of my favourite things about Cornwall is how the mild climate makes the plants come to life earlier after the winter.  Despite the aforementioned weather the bulbs are well and truly sprouting and the first snow drops are about to come into flower.  For some reason this gives me hope that soon we will be in full spring here and then it is not long the stunning Cornish Gardens are a truly wonderful spectacle.