Scones, best baked with grandma

We love providing a warm welcome at Tregongeeves and a cream tea with fresh home-made scones, Boddingtons Jam and Trewithen cream is the way we like to do it.

Scones are beloved of the West Country and they originally became part of farming tradition because they don’t take a huge amount of time (or ingredients) to assemble and bake. And they can absorb the very best that a farm has to offer – butter, home-made jam and cream (clotted of course!) for a substantial treat, at any time of the day.

It’s fair to say that every family has its own special recipe – probably scribbled inside an ancient recipe book, or snipped from the side of a dusty bag of Homepride flour. We’ve always used eggs to bind the flour and butter together, but buttermilk is often used and a splash of full cream milk works OK as well.

Scones are a great introduction to baking with small hands too. The crumbling of butter and flour is easily done by smallest family members – and no matter how misshapen, or if they don’t rise as much as you’d like it really doesn’t matter.

Fresh from the oven there is nothing better. We’d love to see your pictures if you have a go at baking these yourselves.