Sad news

I am afraid we have some sad news.  Fraser, the shetland pony is no longer with us.  He passed away in late September having had terrible problems with his feet.  After consultation with the vet over a number of months we decided it was kinder on him if he was put to sleep as he could hardly walk on his feet.  It is always an agonising decision to have to make especially when we loved him so much and so many people were so fond of him.  He leaves behind Alice, who it seems is coping remarkably well.  She has been moved in with Spoldge the pig for the time being to keep her company, but she remains her usual cheeky self.

I also have to report that two of the donkey’s are also under the weather.  One is lame, and one is just very down in the dumps, so the vet (who we seem to be keeping busy) has run some blood tests to see if he can pin point the problem.  For the time being both donkeys are being kept in a stable to try and give them time to recover, and to make it easier for the vet when he visits.

You may have seen the west on the news today, we have been fit by some torrential rain which has flooded a few places locally.  Luckily we were not floode, so just kept in the warm all day.  It is quite a change in the weather, we spent Saturday and Sunday on the beach.  Saturday we walked from River Valley Holiday Park, down the Pentewan cycle train to Pentewan, where we had a coffee on the beach, it was absolutely stunning with the rough seas.

Cornwall is busy this week with the half term holidays, which means that there are lots of extra things happening across the county from ghost tours at Pendennis Castle, to trails in Cardiham Woods, food foraging at Heligan to Ice skating at Eden, there really is something for everyone.