Rosie AND Jim

Well things never stay the same here at Tregongeeves for long…last time I told you about Rosie the very new lamb, well now we have an even newer lamb…Jim.  Judith has got Jim to keep Rosie company, and so far they seem like a very happy couple.

Judith and Richard had quite a laugh at me last week.  I popped into to see Jim and couldn’t resist the opportunity to feed them.  So in my smart work clothes I set about feeding Jim, whilst being nudged by Rosie who wanted in on the act too (she’s a bit too young to understand ‘wait your turn!).  Judith and John used to own a farm which bred sheep, so they are well used to feeding the young lambs, Richard and Alison used to help out.  For me, feeding Jim was my first experience of lamb feeding, little did I know you have to hold onto the teat of the bottle firmly, if not it flies off covering you and the lamb in milk.  As I learnt the hard way.  So straight home for me to put all my work clothes in the wash as I was covered head to toe!

If you are visiting in the coming weeks ask Judith about feeding the lambs – she loves help – just remember to hold on to the bottle VERY tight!

Cornwall, along with most of the country has been blessed with the most amazing weather this week, it has felt like  glorious summer days.  It has had a wonderful effect on the gardens down here too, with many springing into life, the colours truely are breath taking.

Looking toward to the longer forecast, it looks like April is set to be a stunner too, much like it has been for the last few years in Cornwall.  We still have some cottage breaks available – so why not pop down to unwind and recharge your batteries – April never seems to disappoint down here.