Our Festive Favourites: 5 days to go!

Without a doubt if there’s one thing we associate with Christmas it’s the man in red himself, Father Christmas.

Every year two of our favourite things get combined: Father Christmas at The Lost Gardens of Heligan – Brilliant!

This experience runs from the 19th – 23rd December and is definitely not one to miss out on.
Every year we jump in the car and trundle off to pick up our lovely grandchildren. As soon as we arrive they’re already full of beans and raring to go and see Santa. So with bobble hats and gloves on we head off to Heligan. By the time we get there we’ll have already sang at least a handful of Christmas songs and have been asked if Santa’s going to be there a few times. It’s absolutely wonderful to see the children so excited!

When you arrive, you’ll feel the buzz that surrounds Heligan at Christmas, it’s truly magical. We then set off on the festive trail, exploring the gardens as we go. The children run and run and run, it’s surprising they have any energy left by the time we reach the Head Gardener’s Office (the temporary home of Father Christmas); but oh, energy they do have!

Their mouths drop open as they’re greeted by “elves”. As you can imagine, everybody wants to see Father Christmas. Children are kept busy with workshops and quite often we come home with a beautifully decorated gingerbread man or a Rudolph mask.

When the time comes to see Father Christmas, the little ones are beaming with joy. Wish lists are read out, photos are taken and questions about the reindeer are asked. They then promise to be nice, as “nobody wants to be on the naughty list” and we head off with a lovely traditional toy in hand.

We stop in the café and treat ourselves to a few festive treats, whilst we hear all about how Father Christmas is going to visit on the 25th. In the car home the children are mesmerised by their toys; in fact they don’t even realise when we’ve pulled up in the drive at home!

A trip to the Lost Gardens of Heligan is always magical, yet at Christmas time it’s taken to a whole new level.