Our Festive Favourites: 2 Days To Go!

At Tregongeeves, it doesn’t quite feel like Christmas until our guests arrive. We feel very lucky to be able to welcome our family and friends, but also those who are staying in the cottages over the Christmas period. Although you’ll be left to enjoy your holiday with your loved ones, in whatever way you wish, it’s always nice to see so many happy, smiley faces around the farm.

Each year we have a handful of people come to feed the chickens and collect their “Christmas eggs” with us; after seeing what Santa’s brought them first of course! We love hearing all of our guests Christmas Traditions, the variety is huge and the tales and reasons behind them are quite fascinating.

We quite often see many guests joining in with the village carols or enjoying a glass of mulled wine in the lead up to Christmas too. We also invite our guests to join us for a mince pie on Christmas Day at the Polgooth Inn. It’s nice to know that everybody feel’s right at home when staying at Tregongeeves.
At Christmas, there’s only way to think: the more, the merrier!!