Our Festive Favourites: 1 Day To Go!

Wow, Christmas is now just one day away and miraculously we’re pretty much ready!

But anyway, back to our festive favourites. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that nothing gets us in the festive mood more than a Christmas performance. For us, “he’s behind you” never, ever gets old!

When it comes to Christmas performances, there are two that come to mind.


The Hall For Cornwall is a theatre based right in the heart of Cornwall’s capital city, Truro. Each year they choose a popular tale to perform throughout December; this year they’ve chosen Dick Wittington. A classic, but it’s not just Dick Wittington, oh no, it’s Dick Wittington AND his Mousehole Cat. If you don’t know the tale of this incredible cat, then it’s definitely worth a quick search. With performances from the “Kernow King” and Harry Potter actor “Granville Saxton”, it’s sure to be a great show!

Rogue Theatre

Rogue Theatre can only be described as “out of this world”. This talented group are renowned for their immersive woodland theatre experiences that are hugely creative and immersive. This year their magic will lead the audience through Tehidy Woods. With intriguing costumes, emotive singing and a fantastic tale to tell, you’ll leave the woods with a huge smile on your face, and probably a bit of face paint too!

So the only thing left to do is  wish you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!

Photo Credit: Rogue Theatre