Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud…

…is what I am sure I heard Judith singing the other day as she slid about with the animals!  So much so we have been forced to bring the donkeys into the stables to dry them off a little.  On the other hand Splodgy is loving it!  he cannot get enough of the mud – in fact he seems to take great pleasure in making a real mess!  The chickens new run, which had lovely grass in for so long is now more mud than grass and the sheep seem to be growing ever bigger coats to keep warm!

You would be forgiven for thinking we are all quiet here at the moment – however there is no rest for us.  We are busily painting cottages,  replacing lots of furniture and giving the animals some TLC.  In fact January is an incredibly busy month, making sure everything is just right for the new season.

Thankfully on our days off we are getting to enjoy the beauty of the early spring down here.  Last week I visited Trelissick Gardens, just a short drive from Truro.  Not only are the gardens quiet they are looking stunning with snowdrops and daffodils giving us hope of warmer longer days soon.  I then proceeded to get very lost and ended up on a Ferry – the King Harry Ferry in fact!  Whilst slightly shocked by my new mode of transport I was overwhelmed by the sun setting over the River Fal – reminding why we are so lucky to leave here (you will be pleased to know after a slight detour I made it home safely!).  I can highly recommend the ferry – especially for exploring the Roseland – just beware – the roads do get VERY small in places!

As many of you are blanketed in snow as I type I can report no snow here, not even a flake, in fact it has been very mild lately here!