How to… enjoy hot chocolate!

We love a day outdoors, and the children love hot chocolate! We never let a drop of rain or a whiff of cold spoil the family fun! What on earth did we do before we could call into a cosy cafe for a hot chocolate to warm us through and through?

There is something really lovely about a simple day out isn’t there? No fuss and nonsense, no big picnics or car journeys, just good old fun. And sometimes rounding off a walk in the woods or time on the swings with a hot chocolate at the kitchen table is all it takes.

With our grandchildren often in the house and willing accomplices on a day out, we’ve got to know our hot chocolate pretty well. And there are some great cafes round here to try. But sometimes only home will do – so with that in mind, we give you the perfect chocolatey treat: a submarino hot chocolate.

Quick to make at home – and the perfect holiday-kitchen recipe. You won’t need any fancy equipment and you won’t need many ingredients!

Submarino hot chocolate

Hot chocolate

A submarino is the most simple way to make hot chocolate: a square of dark choc dunked into a mug of warm milk.

The chocolate is the submarine, and it needs to be ‘sunk’ into the hot milk. Use a spoon to stir and the milk becomes hot chocolate. Get it right and you’ll get a sludge of melted chocolate at the bottom of the cup. Perfect for scooping with a spoon!

And yes, this is such a simple recipe you would think that it could not possibly taste so delicious! Truth is, dark chocolate and full cream milk is a blissful combination. And melting a piece of chocolate just seems to make for a creamier texture than if you use a hot chocolate powder, or even cocoa.

Younger tastebuds might get on better with milk chocolate – but no need to run to the Polgooth Stores for a nugget of Dairy Milk. This is the perfect way to try some locally made Cornish chocolate, like Trenance, Chocolarder or Kernow Chocolate, which you’ll find up at Lobbs Farm Shop. The flavour is richer than more commercially produced stuff, so you’re in for a real treat. (And yes, it’s so good you might just finish the bar!)

Kernow Chocolate go one step further and make hot chocolate assembly even easier. These clever people make a submarino stirrer – a chocolate lollipop complete with a stick for mixing it all up. But if you can’t get your hands on one of their stirrers (try Cornish Food Box in Truro) a few squares from a larger bar like this will do.

A perfect submarino needs:

One mug of full cream milk

3-4 squares of a 70% cocoa chocolate bar, or one Kernow Chocolate stirrer

In a small pan, bring a mug of chocolate to simmering point and pour into the mug. Alternatively, you could heat the milk for 40-50 seconds in a microwave.

Pop the chocolate into the mug and stir the milk gently.

The chocolate will slowly melt and you’ll be left with the most delicious, and most simple, hot chocolate! Trust us… you will not be buying hot chocolate powder again. The cooling time also solves the problem of small ones desperate to tuck into a too-hot, hot chocolate.

Add a double shot of espresso for a (distinctly grown-up!) mocha!

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