I don’t need to tell you how hot it is, I am sure you know, but isn’t it wonderful?  What would be more wonderful is sitting outside a Tregongeeves Cottage sipping a cool glass of wine, listening to the pond trickling in the back ground whilst the BBQ heats up…so why not book up!  Or if you would like to learn how Cornish wine is made why not visit Bosue Vineyard.  An up and coming Vine Yard, tours take place on Thursday and Friday’s and you get to taste some too!  Or how about trying Knighnor Winery – they make they own wine on site and have a lovely restaurant too.  If ale is more you thing then the St Austell Brewery is the place for you.  Everyone raves about their tours – it seems in places they have forgotten about the dreaded health and safety so you get a real insight into how they do things.  If cider is your drink of choice then why not try Healey Cyder Farm, just a short drive away but worth a visit (and a sample!)

I am sorry I have not blogged for a few weeks – I have been up country for a week visiting my parents with Jessica.  I flew from Norwich to Newquay – it took less than an hour – I couldn’t believe it when we flew over London within 30 minutes of taking off!  Opposite is a picture I managed to take of St Austell Bay as we came into land, you can see the bay and the Eden Project and if you squint you might be able to make out Tregongeeves.  Of course flying to Cornwall makes it a really accessible place and I can highly recommend it.  Or why not consider getting thetrain?  With great services running from London you can sit back and let someone else worry about road works and traffic.  The train journey is stunning with views to keep awake for.

In my last blog I mentioned the animals.  Sadly nature has taken it’s course and we are left with just three chicks, we think a magpie might have taken one of the chicks.  Jessica is pictured with one of them. (No animals were harmed in the making of this picture but we took our eyes off her for a second and when we looked she had a chick by it’s neck – she carries her bunny toy like that so we think she thought it was a moving bunny teddy bear, but like I say the chick is fine now and Jessica has learnt chickens are not toys!).

We have had a lot of brilliant helpers; collecting eggs, feeding the donkeys and sheep and making sure the pigs are okay – I will sort out the pictures this week and put them up for you to see on Facebook.

If you are visiting in the coming heatwave then really the best place to be is the beach.  Judith spent her youth playing on Caerhays Beach so that is her favourite.  Richard and I like Porthpean as we can walk to it from our house and it has rock pools for the children – but do ask Judith for recommendations when you see her.

Coronavirus Update – 24th March

We wanted to give you a quick update if you’ve booked with us or are wanting to in the coming months.

At the moment we are closed until the end of April and will continue to monitor the situations.  This is to ensure we can do our bit in helping to stop the spread of the virus – now is a time to stay at home and spend time with family there.  If you have a holiday booked with us or have any questions then please do give us a call or send us an email to

 Whilst now isn’t the time for you to come to Cornwall, it’ll still be here when we get through this – we’ll see you again.

Take care and stay healthy

Judith and Family.