Dog-friendly holidays

Cornwall is great for dog-friendly holidays! It’s a lovely county to visit with plenty of open spaces to explore. And because we’re a family of dog-lovers ourselves, we work hard to take care of our four-legged guests when they’re here.

Inspired by our own weekends away with our dog Bonnie, here’s a handy checklist for you so you know exactly what you need to consider before you take dog-friendly holidays at Tregongeeves:

Visit the vet

Before you pack the car, make sure your dog’s up-to-date with any treatments, vaccinations and health checks. Tick this off your list and you’ll be able to watch your dog race across Pendower Beach without a care in the world.

Make a list

Imagine the look you’ll get dog if you arrive at Tregongeeves Farm and realise you’ve forgotten to pack their favourite toy! Make a list a few weeks in advance of the essentials and pack extra food as you go. You might leave your packing to the last minute, but a list will help you to make sure you’ve got absolutely everything you need.

The Knowledge

Remember that scene in Marley and Me where Marley runs after a bird, only to be chased down the beach by a mortified Owen Wilson? In reality, onlookers might not be quite so amused. You won’t want your dog running a full mile down the beach. So, practising commands together will give you some peace of mind when you’re exploring the beautiful countryside around our farm.

Take a short trip

How far are you travelling to Cornwall? It’s a good idea to get your dog used to being in the car for longer journeys. We suggest getting some practice in before you set off on your travels. And make sure you’ve got a safety harness or crate for when the car’s moving.

No-stress journeys

Dogs need as many rest stops as their drivers! Plan your route and scout some good places to stretch all the legs in the car. Look out for picnic areas and service stations with visible green spaces where you can take a quick walk.

Dog-friendly holidays

When you stay at Tregongeeves we hope you find your home away from home. Three of our cottages are completely dog-friendly and we’re in a perfect location to enjoy walks through open countryside and across beaches. We’re a dog-friendly family ourselves and we understand that for some of our guests no holiday or short break is complete if four-legged friends don’t come along too.

Cornwall is truly beautiful at any time of the year… read more about the dog-friendly beaches that are an easy drive from Tregongeeves here.

Our dog-friendly cottages are Hedgerows, which sleeps 3, Corner Cottage, which sleeps 2 plus a cot, and Quakers which sleeps 4.