Come rain or shine you can always have fun in Cornwall!

Richard and I decided to take note of the Blog and go to an outdoor show last week.   We went to see The Death of Sherlock Holmes at The Lost Garden of Heligans.  What an adventure it turned out to be!  We booked the tickets in the morning when the skies were blue.  By the evening fortunes had changed slightly, with the heavens opening.  Wet doesn’t really do it justice – we were soaked to the skin.  But, we are British, so we picniced in style, we had a lovely spread with a bottle of Rose to help it go down.  The show was absolutely fantastic.  We have not laughed so much for a long time.  The show is touring all summer, and worth a visit if you get a chance.

This weekend we took the Mevagissey Ferry across to Fowey.  The small ferry takes 35 minutes to cross St Austell bay, it is lovely to see the coast line from a different angle, a thoroughly good day out.  Although I can recommend you don’t sit at the back of the boat – I learnt the hard way that it is rather wet at the back (there is a common theme with this blog!)

Talking of Fowey, the Fowey Regatta starts this Sunday, there is a carnival on Wednesday night and the Red Arrows fly down the valley on the Thursday night.  I love the Red Arrows so am very excited about seeing them.

We can also highly recommend the Labyrinth Circus at Eden.  Now I must declare that I work part-time at Eden so I might be slightly bias, but the circus is utterly breath taking.  Not a circus as you know it, it is all on high ropes, and a little abstract but your heart will be in your mouth watching their stunning routine.  Also a handy tip for you, Eden is doing late night evening opening, if you go in after 3.30pm tickets are cheaper, but you can get annual passes so you could go back in your holiday for the full experience.

As I write the skies are lovely and blue, not a cloud in the sky, perfect barbecue weather.  If you are looking for a local butcher – Kittows is the place to go.  Situated opposite Tesco’s the family run butchers produces the best sausages and burgers, and also has a large selection of local produce.