Animal antics

Last week I told you I was house sitting for Judith.  Now I will be honest with you I actually texted Judith and asked her to stay away longer, not in a bad way, it was just so lovely staying at Tregongeeves!  Firstly it is very baby proof.  Other than terrorising Mitsy the Cat Jessica was fairly safe and absolutely loved feeding the animals each morning.

Luckily I have a sling to wear her in so each morning we have under taken the huge task of making sure everyone had their breakfast and as Judith put it were still on ‘two/four feet’.  I was grateful to have the assistance of a very eager volunteer who helped me collect the eggs, feed the chickens, give the pigs a tickle and provide the donkeys and Alice the Shetland with a carrot each morning.  My biggest mistake was going into to see Rosie, Jim, Declan and Betty the sheep.  They are so very, very friendly, so much so that they want to lean against you which is lovely apart from when it has been damp over night – I got soaked!!  Jessica and I loved the animals.  The guinea pig and cat we have at our own house now seem rather lacking compared to the vast collection Judith has acquired.

After breakfast we then enjoyed a lovely play, sometimes in the games room, making the most of the toys and books.   With a little person almost walking the games room was a perfect practice area, safe, secure and fairly soft for when she nosed dived!

Following lunch we were then lucky enough to have a dip in the heated pool.  For some reason children love the pool as the roof is slightly reflective so they can see themselves splashing around.  The shrieks of laughter from splashing around were very loud from both of us – then a chill out on the side of the pool as it is lovely and toasty.

I felt like I was on holiday! Back to work now and the cleaning of my own home!  If you would like to book your own stay at Tregongeeves to meet the animals, relax in the pool, barbecue on the patio or explore Cornwall then please do contact us.